Almost two decades after our "ghost bus" pulled out into the Chicago night for the first time, Chicago Hauntings Tours continue to be known as Chicago's most authentic and researched ghost and dark history tours, standing head and shoulders above the abundant knock-offs, "alternative,” "weird" tours and "free tours" that seem to be everywhere these days, when you can get a ghost tour and a cupcake tour from the same company on Groupon or other social buy sites.   

Founded and directed by myself, a 30 year paranormal researcher and author of ten books on Chicago ghostlore and the paranormal, we are not merely a tour company but a natural  extension of Chicago Hauntings, Inc., a research organization dedicated to uncovering and sharing Chicago's supernatural and dark history and investigating anomalous phenomena.  

Unlike other companies, who hire career tour guides to lead their tours, our tours are led by myself and my partner, David Cowan, author of To Sleep with the Angels (on the tragic Our Lady of Angels school fire) and Great Chicago Fires, as well a dedicated group of avid independent historians and paranormal researchers.  We are not only native Chicagoans from the North, West and South sides, but we are also astute Chicago historians with a passion for Chicago  and veterans in paranormal theory and research.  Chicago Hauntings has even designed ghost tours for the City of Chicago, the Chicago 
History Museum and haunted Lincoln Park Zoo, and we hosted "The Hauntings of Chicago" on PBS Chicago's WYCC. You can see more about all of us here.

Our classic Chicago Hauntings Ghost tour is a 2.5-hour fully-narrated tour by coach bus, with numerous stops along the tour route at some of the most actively haunted sites in Chicago, including the site of the Eastland Disaster, where  844 souls perished on the Chicago River; Death Alley, where more than six hundred children and their chaperones lost their lives in the worst single building fire in American history; the site of the infamous St. Valentine's Day Massacre in storied Lincoln Park, the 
original and the now abandoned City Cemetery, where an estimated 13,000 unmarked graves remain. Some of our most common stops include murder sites, disaster sites, a cursed skyscraper, gangland sites, Chicago's most haunted house, and others.  You are welcome to take photos at all of our stops. Sometimes your camera may capture more than just spooky scenery.  

Our Gothic Chicago Dark History Tour is a smorgasbord of True Crime stories of Gacy, Speck, Leopold and Loeb and others, tales of massacres, disasters, ghost stories and more, narrated by one of Chicago’s top historians. This tour includes a visit to the site of the notorious Murder Castle of H. H. Holmes.

For a more in depth look at the world of H.H. Holmes, the World’s Fair and Victorian Chicago, Our Devil in the White City Tour is the original H.H. Holmes Tour, begun in 2004 and copied by many companies but never equaled.  We take you to the site of the World's Fairgrounds in Jackson Park, the Midway Plaisance, Prairie Avenue, and the site of Holmes' Englewood Murder Castle on 63rd street, as you folllow in the deadly footsteps of America's Serial Killer.

Our Ghost Adventure Tours are full day excursions through some of Chicagoland's most haunted regions, including haunted Lake County, the fabeld Archer/Palos region and Chicago itself. These tours also include lunch at a haunted roadhouse or pub.

For a truly interactive experience, investigate with our team members at one of Chicago’s most notorious sites, the fabled Congress Plaza Hotel, where you’ll learn to use ghost hunting tools and develop your own sensitivities at this actively haunted site.

In addition we offer seasonal specialty tours, special events and private tours for 2 to 200 people.  From pub crawls, book club tours and corporate events to birthdays, dinner tours and more, we can tailor your tour to any occasion and include your requested interests.

Our field trips for students from middle school through graduate school are a consistent hit with every age. We've been called "the best field trip ever" for fifteen years running.

Our many fans have called our tours of Chicago provocative, dark, scary and creepy, but also intelligent, sophisticated and fun.  Many find that they're the best way to discover the city - period.  

Come find out for yourself!  

Happy Ghost Hunting,

Ursula Bielski

For information about our private tours, write us at chicagoghosttours@gmail.com or to book a public tour now, click below.